BP Agrees To Pay Businesses In Every Florida Gulf Coast County!

The best news is you do not have to prove oil damage!

The deadline to file a claim is fast approaching.

Eligible businesses include: Advertising and Marketing Companies, Agriculture, Automobile Repair or Maintenance Companies, Car Dealerships, Construction and Renovation Companies, Convenience Stores, Churches and Other Non Profits, Pool Builders and Maintenance Companies, Doctors, Dentists, Farming, Food Processing, Franchises, Hair, Nail, Tanning Salons, Hospitality, Hotels and Motels, Independent Contractors and Sub-contractors, Maintenance Companies and Contractors, Management Companies, Media and Printing Companies, Medical Facilities, Sales to Restaurants, Bars and Retail Stores, Professionals, Realtors and Brokers, Rental Property Owners, Retail Stores, Restaurants and Bars, Spas, Tourism, Veterinarians, Law Firms and more.

Time is running out. Contact us today for a FREE eligibility screening. If your business qualifies, we will help you recover the compensation you are owed under the settlement agreement.

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